The Sportsbox Boot Camp will train and educate you in becoming an expert in using 3D in your day to day lessons. This program will be a combination of:

  • 5 weekly 30-min interactive education sessions that address everything from teaching with 3D and leveraging Sportsbox to increase instruction revenue
  • Sportsbox 3DGolf Level 1 Certification ($200 value)
  • Two months Pro Premium subscription to Sportsbox 3DGolf app ($378 value)
  • Receive 6 PDR credits

Upon completion of the 5-week program, you'll receive a sizable discount on your annual Sportsbox subscription, available exclusively to program participants. Plus, PGA members will earn 6 PDR credits. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and take your coaching to the next level.

As you work through the level 1 certification you will gain knowledge on how to navigate the app and use the various features while in a lesson. Dr. Phil Cheetham will share the basics of biomechanics, from the difference between kinetics and kinematics, what 6 degrees of freedom is and why it is important. We will also share important information regarding our trackers, starting with defining each tracker, how they are measured, and the numbers being shown. Dr. Phil Cheetham will share some tracker truths shedding light on what the best players in the world do. There is no perfect set of numbers when we analyze with 3D, but we do have a ranges of what PGA and LPGA Tour players do that we will share with you. Coach Ryan Crawley will provide real examples of identifying swing flaws and what trackers are associated with those flaws.
Sportsbox AI products are covered by one or more US patents, including, but not limited to: 11,640,725; 11,620,858; 11,615,648